Our Services

RoadMap Media’s main productions are podcasts and videos, which can be combined with designing communication strategies, social media campaigns and coaching for effective media communication.

We offer advice for communication strategies related to research projects, programmes and platforms, and assist in designing social media campaigns and events.


Audio podcasts get your message across. They can be designed as interviews or audio stories showcasing projects, individuals and processes.

Small Arms Survey podcast series:

Episode 8 “In Transition: Armed groups in Libya” & the series’ iTunes page


CERAH Voices podcast series:

Episode 1 “Ashraf Harbieh, alumni of the CERAH”


Tales of the World podcast:

Episode 28 “Of memory and DNA” & the series’s iTunes page


Tales of the World interview series:

Episode 3 with Guilain Mathé, researcher from RDC


Short videos showing the ongoing work and the results of research projects.

Video for the Small Arms Survey:

Video about the 2013 Yearbook “Everyday Dangers”


Video for the Geneva Summer Schools of the University of Geneva:


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