About RoadMap Media

Giving your thoughts a voice and a script to your imagination.

RoadMap Media specialises in multimedia productions. Its activities develop around popularising content related to academic and policy research, advocacy activities, and communication in the field of international relations and development.

Its main goal is to work in close collaboration with universities, international organisations, research projects, think-tanks, and NGOs, in order to bring their messages beyond their usual audience.

RoadMap Media provides tailor-made productions to meet specific requirements and offers products ranging from audio podcasts to film documentaries, and multimedia combinations for complex projects. From the initial stage of identifying the communication goals up to the final result, RoadMap Media works in close collaboration with its clients every step of the wayOur method involves developing the right format in order to achieve the strongest communication impact.

Contact us to find out the best way of conveying your message and let RoadMap Media provide an unforgettable multimedia experience.